Functionality and technology

RoburCAM is compatible with the most popular CAD software packages (AutoCAD, SolidWorks) and allows viewing and editing drawings in the following formats: *.prt (RoburCAM native format), *.dxf (AutoCAD), *.sht (TopPunch objects).

A specially tailored Euromac software for press brakes.

While creating a toolpath in RoburCAM, both automatic and manual parametric punching can be chosen along with various nibbling settings. Punch positioning can be set using magnetic equilibrium points.

During the NC code generation, an engineer can choose from a wide range of punching tools – standard or custom, specifically created for a certain part configuration. RoburCAM allows choosing a tool after a certain shape or pick it directly from the library. TopPunch tool library is an integral part of RoburCAM.

RoburCAM supports insertion of tools in Multitool and Turret with a drag-and-drop method, where they can be saved, distributed and edited in sets.

One of the most significant RoburCAM functions is nesting – algorithm of part allocation on a metal sheet in the most efficient way. The engineer can manually set many nesting parameters and conditions (like nesting direction, minimal part gap, etc.).

RoburCAM system can collect various process statistics and generate machine setup lists.

Before running the program on a press brake, RoburCAM can verify correctness of the punching process and the NC code (as an alternative to running it on TopPunch). Simulation speed and working surface layer (geometry, technologic process, sheet movements, etc.) transparency can be set there. In addition, manual toolpath editing is available at this stage.