RoburCAM software is specifically tailored for Euromac press brakes equipped with CNC and TopPunch. Developed by Dreambird for sheet metal machining and processing, RoburCAM has the most popular features and functions that similar software solutions from popular brands have. RoburCAM is the most efficient when used as a midway stage between creating a part drawing and punching it on a machine with a NC code.

RoburCAM is perfect while working with the most common geometries and simple drawings and can be especially useful at production sites just starting their way with press brakes or not yet having any Euromac software for CNC programs generation.

The other advantages of the software solution include an affordable price (2500 EUR for a seat) and ability to generate NC code for unlimited number of machines from a single workstation – purchasing just one license allows you to operate a shop floor full of Euromac press brakes.

It’s extremely quick in setup – 10 minutes after you install RoburCAM , you can already generate programs and run it on your Euromac press brakes.

Dreambird software developers are constantly updating and improving RoburCAM, each new release offers new options and functions.

Our customers can benefit from online technical support during all the period of using RoburCAM. Its user manual is written in English and Russian, just like the software interface.

RoburCAM can help to renew and advance metalworking, grow the manufacturing business and reach the targets.